Restrictions on the import of goods by customs of various co

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First, North America

  United States

1. All shoes imported into the United States must provide detailed item names, ingredients, styles, etc., otherwise it will lead to customs clearance delays.

2. It is forbidden to import wooden packaging (including log packaging, plywood packaging, etc.) into the United States, but items that are not packaged in logs can still be transferred through DHL. Please pay attention to the packaging when sending the documents to avoid problems;

3. All food, animal and plant products and cosmetics imported into the country cannot be imported by express mail. Otherwise, they may be fined from US$5000 to US$10000.


Second, Western Europe


1. Import of high-value express mail: For express mail with a declared value higher than USD20, the recipient should provide relevant documents for assistance during customs clearance: if the sender.the recipient is not received within 20 days, how to deal with it When replying, the French Customs will do the lower of the following operations for such closures:

1.1 Returned to the sender, the return fee and customs duties are all paid by the sender;

1.2 In the destruction of the customs, the sender needs to pay a handling fee of 400 euros;

2, special fee collection: a single piece weight of more than 30 kg of goods, you need to add a special operating fee of USD25.


  United Kingdom

1. All food products (including animal products, fish, insects, fruits, vegetables, etc.) are forbidden to be imported into the UK. Once found, they will be returned to the place of origin immediately, and the British health department will impose a minimum of £140 in seizure fees. The relevant fees will be charged directly to the sending company.



1. The latest regulations of Italian Customs: Starting from July 1, 2005, all textiles imported from China to the country will be restored to the quota system. From now on, the customs will only accept the import declaration of textiles with existing quota certificates, and the relevant foreign trade departments will no longer accept new quota applications. Otherwise, the customs will automatically return.impose fines, and the relevant fees will be directly charged to the sending company.


Third, Eastern Europe


1. The declared value of all samples must include the freight and delivery terms. Otherwise, the customs clearance will be delayed and even the customs clearance fee will be incurred. The relevant fees will be charged to the sending company.



1. In order to avoid customs clearance delays.customs duties, the sender is reminded that all Christmas gifts issued to the company must be declared at a value higher than 40 Euros, and the value of Christmas gifts issued to private individuals must be higher than 20 Euros.



1. The parcel shipment to Poland must be provided in quadruplicate commercial invoices with the origin of the sending company, and must be signed and stamped by the sending company.


Fourth, Asia


1. All shipments of wood packaging imported into India need to provide a plant inspection and quarantine certificate, otherwise it will result in 3-4 days of customs clearance delay and a minimum of 40 euros. For related information, please refer to the relevant information;

2. All express shipment orders and invoices imported into India must be clearly declared with detailed information such as product name, quantity, and unit price. Only the “sample” and other unspecified declarations will be rejected by the local customs.